Hello and welcome to 2022! As we all sit down and figure out what goals to make for the new year, I came up with something for our little writing community.

Several years ago, I heard a talk about the best writing advice she’d ever heard, from Ray Bradbury: Write a short story every week.

The author said that it helped her in so many different ways. Finishing a story each week, from start to end, helped her feel more accomplished, and like she could finish any book, of any size. She said that her creativity was off the charts, coming up with new worlds and new characters each week. And some of the short stories turned into full length novels that she eventually published!

I’ve decided to take Ray Bradbury’s advice and start a writing challenge for 2022.

Each week, I’ll post a writing prompt. You can write as much or as little as you want for your story. It can be 60 words long or 700 words long or 8,000 words long. It doesn’t matter–there are no rules! Just write!