Hello and welcome, all you awesome writers! I’ve decided to try something new: I am hosting a 3-month-long group coaching writing intensive. For the next three months, I will help three to five authors write their books! You can be at any stage in your writing career; you can be at any stage in your project. You can have any goal! Your goal could be anything from writing a brand new book, start to finish, or finishing one book and writing the second book during this group coaching.

Everyone is welcome to apply for this group coaching. Don’t worry about where you are at or where you think you should be. If you are writing and want an editor by your side for the next three months, along with fellow writers, then go ahead and apply! Because of the limited space, I will be selecting authors who I think will be the best fit for the coaching and the group itself. If you don’t get selected, please know that it is not a personal decision. And we can still work together.

The cost of this group coaching intensive is $875 per month.

During this group coaching, you will receive:

-One hour-long one-on-one plotting session with Casey, each month (3 total)
-Up to 30,000 words critiqued by Casey each month (90,000 total)
-Weekly goal setting group discussions
-Weekly check-ins to make sure we’re hitting our goals
-Weekly coaching/plotting sessions with everyone in the group
-Bi-weekly writing sprints with the group
-Unlimited email access to Casey
-Access to everyone in the group for feedback, critiques, brainstorming, and friendship

Yes, I did add friendship because my goal is to make sure everyone has fun and bonds. 🙂 (Also, I’m cheesy as hell.)

Friendly reminder that I am BIPOC and LGBTQ+. If you are racist or homophobic, this group is not for you.

Fill out this form to apply for your space in this group coaching writing intensive! Once you fill out the form, you need to send me a sample of your writing. It can be from any project! I want to get to know you, your voice/writing style, and make sure that I am the best editor for you.