Are you prepping for #NaNoWriMo2020 next month? I’m running a special offer right now: Get $10 off a single plotting session!

I have a limited number of slots left in October, and a few in November, for both 30-and-60 minute plotting sessions.

Together we can:

–Clarify the big-picture of your story
–Iron out the goals/motivations/conflicts for your characters
–Link existing plot points
–TALK ABOUT HOW TO ADD TENSION!! (This is my favorite part of editing any book, and I want to make sure every story is full of so much tension. So. Much. Tension.)

We can plot out the story you will start writing on November 1st, or if you get stuck in the middle of the book in November, we can talk through what issues you’re having, how to fix them, and how to keep sailing through your word count goals.

While I do a lot of work with romance novels, I can help with nearly any genre. Character development is the same with vampires as it is with space pirates. Their eating habits might be different, but finding their motivation is the same work.

Sessions are held via Zoom. I will read an outline and/or a synopsis, and 5 pages of your manuscript. (Technically you aren’t supposed to have anything written before November 1st, but I won’t tell on you if you do have the first chapter already written. Promise.)

Are you ready to kick-ass and slay words in November? Contact me today and let’s get your session booked ASAP! Mention #NaNoWriMo to get $10 off your session. You don’t want to start NaNoWriMo unprepared.

“I worked with Casey on a plotting session before diving into edits for my second draft. My goal was to strengthen my conflict and get an overall clearer direction for my plot, and I was very pleased with the result! Casey was able to pick up on plot issues and she gave me a great idea on how to tie my sub-plot and main plot together. You know when you get an idea and it rings so true, it’s like it was always meant to be? That’s how I felt with Casey. I’m pretty sure she saved me a couple of drafts. Highly recommend this as a pre-revision step!”

Camille Baker

Author, Debut novel, Have We Met?, coming 2021!