I am launching Romancing YOUR Story: A Group Book Coaching Intensive on January 1st, 2023! This will be the fourth time I’ve hosted this group book coaching intensive, and it is still my favorite offer. You can apply TODAY!

This is a three-month-long program where you and a small group of other romance authors meet biweekly to work on your novels, study the craft of writing with me, and get immediate feedback and critiques from your editor (me, again!) and other attendees. You’ll also get to build lasting friendships along the way.

And I can say this because the ladies from my very first intensive (one year ago) are still helping each other, calling each other for support, and brainstorming book ideas! One year later! It makes me so happy.

Here’s what you get:
*Starting January 1st, 2023 and ends on March 31st, 2023
*Goal setting for all of your 2023 writing and then focusing on 1 project
*Bi-weekly 90-minute meetings on Sundays and Thursdays
*Group coaching where everyone gets time to talk about their current issues in their WIP, from plot holes to unruly descriptions, you’ll get invaluable immediate feedback and advice from Casey and the other writers
*Get paired with a critique partner from the group to work with one-on-one outside of the meetings
*A group text for everyone in the intensive, for those pesky, late-night questions

​*A one-on-one plotting session, with just you and Casey, each month (3 total!)
*Up to 20,000 words critiqued by Casey every month (up to 60K total!)
*Fun homework (like watching movies or TV shows)
*Yell, “Damn it. Casey is right,” at least once a week when I point out a plot hole. (Maybe every other week.)

For ALL OF THAT, the investment is $2,850, broken down into three monthly payments of $950. This is a steal compared to my other book coaching prices.

Space is limited!! There are only 6 spots available.