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“I’m so thrilled to have had Casey work on a book bible for my Demonica series! It’s a long series and very complicated, and she has a great eye for detail, catching things I’d completely forgotten! I’d recommend Casey over and over. Thank you, Casey!”

Larissa Ione

NYT Bestselling Author

Details are the key to any story and I’m one of those readers who notices everything. If your heroine says Hawaiian pizza is her favorite in book 1, but then says she prefers pepperoni in book six, I will notice that discrepancy.

Pizza is important.

I love creating unique series bibles for authors. I want to make it easy for you, the creator of the world, to find any small detail. I want to make your life easier. Pizza preferences, eye color, mentioned characters’ names, plot points – whatever you need, I can track for you.

If you want to learn more about series bibles, and what I can do for you and your series, let’s set up a free consultation. You can pick my brain, I can learn all about your series, and together, we can create the perfect series bible for you!

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“There are readers out there who remember every little tiny detail, and they will point out mistakes.”

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