Next month at the Romance Writer’s of America national conference, I’m going to do something special: I am offering free one-on-one meetings with any writer who is curious about Heart Full of Ink and working with me. We can go over what book coaching would entail (from plot holes to character arcs), my style of editing and where I push my authors to dig deeper in the story, or what a series bible from me would look like. You’ll get 45 minutes of my undivided attention on you, your story, and how I can help you make it phenomenal.

I work predominately with romance novels and all of its sub-genres including contemporary, erotic, paranormal, LGBTQ, and historical. I’ve also worked on young adult, new adult, fantasy, cozy mystery, and urban fantasy novels. I’ve worked with authors writing their first book, and authors writing their tenth book. I’ve worked with indie authors and traditionally published authors. No matter what your journey has been, or where you are in your career, I can help you.

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I’m only offering these sessions on Thursday and Friday, July 25th and 26th, first come, first served. You can sign up here. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at any time!

For anyone who isn’t going to New York City next month but wants to learn more about working with me, please reach out! I’m always happy to answer any questions via email or set up a Skype session to talk about your project.