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“Casey is a godsend! I love working with her. She is always positive and fun and makes the editing process as painless and educational as possible. I always learn something new. Add to that the fact that she puts the pro in professional, and she is a dream. I can’t recommend her highly enough!” 
Darynda Jones

NY Times Bestselling Author

“I’m so thrilled to have had Casey work on a book bible for my Demonica series! It’s a long series and very complicated, and she has a great eye for detail, catching things I’d completely forgotten! I’d recommend Casey over and over. Thank you, Casey!”

Larissa Ione

NY Times Bestselling Author

“Finding the right developmental editor is vital to an author’s creative process. It’s a delicate skill that requires providing an influential critique while also giving critical feedback in a non-belittling way. There are not many editors out there who can do this, but Casey has mastered the skill.

Casey reviews manuscripts in a positive way that touches on the strengths of the story, while also pointing out the flaws in a constructive manner. Her notes always bolster my confidence in my writing, and provide fantastic advice/direction on how to improve the story/plot. And her attention to detail is spot on. She’s absolutely brilliant, and I will definitely be working with her on my future projects.”

Lexi C. Foss

USA Today Bestselling Author




Blood Heart won the 2019 best Paranormal Romance Golden Quill!

Blood Heart was a finalist in the 2019 best Paranormal Romance Published Maggie Award!

“Casey is an incredibly talented editor. She performed the developmental and line edits on my manuscript, and I couldn’t be happier with the feedback she provided. Her ability to spot plot holes and inconsistencies is beyond impressive. She found problems I never would have thought of on my own, and her advice was always positive, constructive, and designed to help make the story better while also boosting confidence. I would highly recommend Casey as an editorial partner, and I will definitely be working with her on future projects!” 

Sienna Atwell

Debut Author

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Casey on several projects, and have come to appreciate and depend upon her keen eye and unique insight. She’s the perfect combination of a devoted reader and a consummate professional, and her feedback consistently elevates the overall quality of my work as an author. From characterization to themes and plot, Casey is able to identify potential issues and make sound recommendations for improvement. She’s become my trusted partner and an indispensable resource, and I would highly recommend her services to writers at all levels of the game.” 

Cynthia St. Aubin

USA Today Bestselling Author

“I feel really LUCKY to have found Casey. I wrote for many years a bit in a box, then realized I needed an editorial partner to help me navigate the creative process. Casey has an incredible eye for detail, is sharply attuned to the material, and provided feedback above and beyond what I expected to receive. 
Her notes were spot-on (and funny!), pointing out elements of the story I’d missed in a positive, constructive manner. Her suggestions for revisions often included multiple ways to solve the issue, which was terribly beneficial.
I can’t wait to work with her again. In fact, we’re already scheduling future projects!”
Tracy Sumner

Award Winning Author

“Sumner seamlessly blends gaslight-era fantasy and conventional historical romance. She also perfectly incorporates detailed supernatural elements into her well-researched setting….Readers may be initially drawn to the book for its exciting paranormal aspects, but they’ll stay for the electric dialogue between Finn and Victoria, which includes plenty of comic banter.” –Kirkus Reviews

Read the full Kirkus review here!

“I worked with Casey on a plotting session before diving into edits for my second draft. My goal was to strengthen my conflict and get an overall clearer direction for my plot, and I was very pleased with the result! Casey was able to pick up on plot issues and she gave me a great idea on how to tie my sub-plot and main plot together. You know when you get an idea and it rings so true, it’s like it was always meant to be? That’s how I felt with Casey. I’m pretty sure she saved me a couple of drafts. Highly recommend this as a pre-revision step!”

Camille Baker


“I was two and a half novels into a six book arc when I realized I’d made the fatal error of not maintaining a world bible. What had that side character looked like in book 1? Had I used an ‘ea’ or an ‘ae’ for their name? With deadlines closing in and desperation in my heart, I reached out to Casey. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Casey’s understanding and professionalism immediately let me know I’d gone to the right place. She knew all the questions to ask and guided me through her World Bible form, which helped me focus on the information I needed most: characters, places, and key events. Before I knew it, she’d compiled an astounding amount of information and built a vital resource that carried me through the rest of the books in my series. I cannot recommend her more! Her services are outstanding!”

Dee J Holmes

Award-winning Author

“Working with Casey is a pleasure. Her knowledge, positive energy, and humor are priceless to me. I found myself saying (oh so many times) ‘damn it, she’s right!’ I’m grateful for every one of her thoughtful comments, well-placed questions, and her eye for detail. Her gentle guidance enhanced every aspect of my storytelling. I highly recommend Casey and look forward to many more writing adventures with her.”

Andra Dill


“I love working with Casey! She is always available for a question or concern, always going the extra mile to make sure that I feel comfortable and confident in what we are doing. She has a great eye for details, both in grammar and plot details, and it’s nice to know that I have someone like her who has my back.” 
Annabelle Hunter

Author of the Lark Davis series & Barrow Bay Mysteries series

“Casey is a joy to work with! She wrote the back cover copy for my debut novel and I couldn’t have found a better editor for the job. She is incisive, professional and also supportive and funny. The copy she created is perfect and she gave me the confidence to move forward. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”
Megan Steer

Debut Author

Having Casey put my series bible together for the Sapphire Creek Series has been a lifesaver! She picks up the smallest details and has a knack for organizing in a way that makes the information easy to find as I’m writing. She makes the entire process easy and effortless, which is much appreciated after laboring over a story. 

Carmen Cook

Author of Sapphire Creek series

“Working with Casey has been 10/10 my best decision as an author. Her gentle nudges have been instrumental in keeping the motivation and the creative juices flowing, and her insights have helped me answer questions I didn’t even know I had! She has been a joy to work with, both in the individual and group settings, and I have no doubt that working with her is what I needed to elevate my work to the next level. So glad I took the leap!”

Roseanne Beck

“Casey has this incredible ability to immerse herself in the story, allowing her to spot plot holes and character inconsistencies that I might have missed on my own. She is my absolute go-to for developmental editing, I love working with her so much!”

Roselynn Cannes

Author of Fallen

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